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Sandwiches are typically made using bread, vegetables, meat and cheese. Who would have thought in their wildest dreams that bread is going to be replaced with something that is more interesting and crunchy. Yes, now in Chennai bread is replaced with murukku. Murukku is a savoury crunchy south Indian snack. Checkout the video to see how a sandwich is made using murukku as base. The recipe is awesome and sure crowd pleaser.

To Make Murukku Sandwich

8 small murukku’s are dipped into coriander chutney and placed on a serving plate. Then sliced cucumber, onion, tomato, loads of shredded cheese and chaat masala are add on top of each murukku. Murukku meticulously holds all the vegetables and forms a sensational sandwich. Now again 8 more small murukkus are dipped into coriander chutney and placed on top of the sandwich. To add the final touch sev is sprinkled on the sandwich and served.

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