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What is sugar?

sugar is one of the most consumed products worldwide and for a reason, sugar unlike some other food products makes you crave for it. In fact, a study showed the craving is similar to a drug addict craving for cocaine.

If you are thinking you don’t each much sugar, think again. Sugar is an ingredient in almost every packed and fast food like bread, burger, even chicken patties, Sugar is added in aprropriate quantities to these foods to make them taste better but not sweeter. Did you know tomato sauce has a lot of sugar in it?

Quitting sugar

Quitting entirely is hard because you have been trained to crave it by all those food commercials and sugar actually is found in most consumer foods. So if you want to quit sugar, you may have to go to all natural diet and eat only the restaurant items you are sure has no sugar in them like a grilled chicken, it has no sugar.

Why should you want to do it?

Top 5 Reasons you might want to quit sugar today

Better dental health

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Actual dental health is not by just brushing twice a day, it is by not putting any harmful things in your mouth. Sugar is the worst product you can introduce to your teeth, it causes tooth decay unless you brush after everytime you have eaten sugar

Better sleep

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Sugar after consumption, actually causes your energy levels to spike and then it comes crashing down suddenly, that’s why you feel tired after eating during lunch, this drop in energy levels will make you sleepy and will cause a problem with your bodys natural sleep cycle, which means you will be awake during night, even if you don’t want to.

Improved digestive health

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Sugar is difficult to process by your body, it takes a longer time and the levels of glucose increase put a strain on your liver same way alcohol .

Healthier skin

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Believe it or not sugary foods cause acne, quitting sugar will clear them up in a week and you will find yourself with healthier, younger looking skin

Stable weight

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Not every calorie is the same, 100 calories you get from drinking soda is not the same as 100 calories you get from eating vegetables. If you quit sugar, after a month your body will require less calories to function normally than before, which will mean weight loss up to a point and then stable weight.

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