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OMG checkout this new types of dosa – Mouthwatering

How many types of dosas have you ever tasted? Normally traditional dosas are plain dosa, masala dosa or rava dosa but have you ever tasted a dosa like Manchurian dosa? World is changing rapidly and it is true in the case of dosa. Dosa’s have come a long way from just flattening and frying the fermented batter.

This street food vendor can be found in ghatkopar east, Mumbai. They sell a lot of varieties of dosa and one of the famous variety is Cheese Manchurian Dosa.To make Cheese Manchurian Dosa the chef takes a cup of rice and black gram fermented batter, pours it on the hot pan and flattens it. To the dosa the chef then adds crushed vegetable

Manchurian balls, butter, Manchurian sauce and schezwan sauce and mixes well. A lid is then put on top of the dosa and cooks for few minutes. After that the lid is removed and chopped spring onion and shredded cheese are added to the dosa. When the cheese is melted, Manchurian gravy is removed from the dosa and transferred to a bowl for using as side dish for dosa. After this the dosa is rolled and served with cheese manchurian gravy and coconut chutney as side dish.

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