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Are you light on cash but still fancy mouth watering food then you are for a treat. Anand stall at Vile Parle west of Mumbai serves more than 60 varieties of dosas, 15 varieities of grilled sandwich and lots more. Regardless of the time of the day you will see hundreds of people lined up outside the stall to place their order.

Grilled sandwiches are very popular in Mumbai and this video shows the massive vegetable grilled sandwich made at Anand Stall. The chef take a big slice of bread and applies generous amounts of butter and coriander mint chutney and then adds sliced boiled potatoes, sliced onion and sprinkles chaat masala. Butter and coriander mint chutney is now applied to another slice of bread and placed on top of the bread. Now on top of the second slice of bread the chef adds a full sliced tomato, capsicum and shredded cheese enough to get heart attack and sprinkles chaat masala. Now he takes the final slice of bread and again applies butter and coriander mint chutney and places on top of the bread. The massive bread sandwich is placed under the sandwich grill and toasted till the bread turns crispy and golden. You might need to hit the gym immediately after eating this sandwich.

Address: Anand Stall

Opposite Mithibai College, Gulmohar Road 1, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

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