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Some of the magical and incredible cooking skills are seen only in India. The skills showcased by our Indian chefs are mind blowing.

Indian foods are usually classified as hot or spicy. But have you ever seen or had food that’s on fire? We mean food that’s set on fire and consumed. Fire Paan served on the streets of Rajkot-Gujrat is the new trend in Paan consumption and this variety of Paan is going viral.

Paan in not anymore traditional betel leaves rolled with spices and consumed. Paan varieties have come a long way including varities like chocolate paan, choco moco paan, legendary fire paan etc. Fire Paan is made using betel leaf. Rose powder, paan rashna(mix of pomegranate, cherry and mint), paan chutney(sweet fruit flavoured chutney), gulkand(rose flavoured jam) and ice are added to the betel leaf and topped with baraas and then set on fire. When it start burning the entire paan is shoved into mouth and enjoyed.

You might have heard of flying saucers but have you ever heard of flying parottas? YES, look at this video where the parottas are flying and surprisingly there is not even one missed catch. This guy flattens and tosses 25 parottas per minute to his co worker who then bakes them on the coal fired black stone top. Just a quick calculation tells us if he can flatten and toss 25 parottas a minutes, then it is 1500 parottas an hour and 12,000 parottas for an 8 hour shift. That’s a lot of parottas to make.

Parotta is a layered flat bread that is made using all purpose flour / maida. Parottas are easily available on the streets of South India. One of the very popular recipes made using parotta is kotthu parotta.

Can you dip your fingers in boiling hot oil? If you try to do it the chances are your fingers will melt or the outer skin will totally burn. But this man defies all the scientific explanations and creates a medical miracle. Look at the video to see how the chef from Delhi dips his hand into boiling oil to fry fish. Incredibly he does not suffer any burns or illness after dipping the hands.

How many onions can you cut in 5 minutes? Maybe 2 or 3. This guy in the video cuts 40 onions in 5 minutes. The knife and the skills are so sharp that he cuts faster than a machine. By the time we have finished writing this article he must have cut at least 100 onions. Just looking at the speed of his cutting skills is a delight to watch.

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