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Most of us when thinking of hyderbad, think about ‘DUM Biryani’, but the locals say there is an even more special food available only during the festival of Ramadan. The places that serve this ‘Mandi‘ have removed their chairs and ask their customers to sit in groups around small tables which are close to the ground, this measure is to make sure you the customer receive the best Arabian experience possible. Mandi as they say is very popular in the Arabian countries and seemed to have originated from Turkey.


The Mandi unlike biryani have many spices but are meant to be mild to taste, so very little quantities are used. It is available in chicken, mutton & fish varieties as the rice is made separate and the meat is grilled and added later

If you want to try the address is

Mataam Al Arabi, Errakunta, Phadishareef Road, Beside Indian Petrol Pump, Opp Masjid Bilal, Hyd – 05 Ph : 040 – 65500026, give them a call to see when the mandi will be avaialble


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