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Look at these videos and you would agree with us that pizza might have been reinvented in India.

Italians invented the pizza but this Indian dosa version of pizza seems to be more appetizing to an Indian than an actual pizza itself. Truly Indian style pizza invented in India for Indians.

Dosa is a traditional south Indian food liked by all Indians. It is a everyday food for a south Indian and commonly available in restaurants and street food stalls across India.

The easy way to explain dosa to a westerner is it’s a pancake similar to a crepe made with fermented batter. Dosas are usually had for breakfast or dinner served with chutneys and sambar.

There are a lot of varities in dosa like masala dosa, podi dosa, utthapam, rava dosa and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now to stay with the trend we have pizza dosa. Pizza dosa adds a western touch to the traditional dosas. Base of the pizza dosa is the fermented batter. Various toppings are added to the dosa like capsicum and sweet corn and topped with red chutney, garlic chutney and tomato sauce. Generous amount of mozzarella cheese is added and cooked till the cheese melts. At the end some flavoured mayonnaise is added and served. It is a sure treat for pizza and dosa lovers.

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