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This guy has transformed cutting a tender coconut into a work of art, apparently it is how tender coconut is served in streets of thailand. They chop the green layer first and carefully cut the top white layer without puncturing the inner soft coconut, then they carve out any extra bits and scoop the whole soft coconut from the bottom and transfer it to a bowl. You can just put a straw through to drink the water, its like mother nature made the best takeaway package.

In India tender coconut is usually cut in the top and you drink the water, if needed they will cut the rest in half and scoop the coconut and you eat it with a spoon. This way of cutting makes sure you get everything inside without any loss. Also if you need to carry a coconut for your loved ones at home, its heavy and you need to find a sharp knife at home to cut it open at the top and forget about what’s inside because you probably wont have a big knife to cut the coconut in half to scoop, this way of cutting solves all problems, lets hope they adopt this style in the streets of India.

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