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We are brothers who are very passionate in eating and cooking Indian food. It all started on a chilly spring evening in the living room of a little apartment in Melbourne, Australia. During our casual talk, we both agreed saying how all the Indian recipes available online does not reflect how we cook at home and lacks personal touch. We believed and wanted to prove to rest of the world that there is so much more to Indian cuisine than just curries and cooking Indian food is not complex. This time we decided to do something about it. Hence we came up with the idea of Try Curry.
Try Curry is aimed at simplifying Indian cuisine and also bringing out the richness and authenticity through our website and all social mediums. We wanted to make recipes just as how you will cook at home. We did not want Try Curry to be just another website that talks about Indian recipes but it should be a place where Indian cuisine is celebrated. This website does not limits itself to just recipes and will aim at showcasing the full breadth of Indian cuisine.
Indian streets foods are world famous and the variety of food available that’s available on our streets are just mind blowing. At Try Curry we like to show some of the interesting foods that are available on the streets of India.
Try Curry has a wide presence in all the social media websites. Try Curry can be found on You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pintrest.
Siddharth leads the editorial and content at Try Curry, based out of Chennai, India. His simple yet evocative writing coupled with mouth watering videos with easy to follow recipes put Try Curry in the spotlight early on. He started his career as a Mechanical engineer and holds a Masters degree in Automotive Engineering from RMIT Melbourne. Following his heart, he chose to take up Try Curry as his career.
Prashanth works on technology, product definition, community growth and design at Try Curry, based out of Melbourne, Australia. He started his career in Accounting, before taking on management roles at many firms in Melbourne, Australia. He has a Masters in Accounting and Financial Management from La Trobe University, Melbourne and a Certified Practicing Accountant Australia.Trycurry is all about easy to make recipes with the twist of the Indian flavour & sharing articles on Indian food & culture with the world