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Mr.Aasife is one of the most prominent businessmen in chennai with his brand hotels “aasife” popping up every month. He is sure he will open 100 branches worldwide within 2018, he said in an interview to

How the Love for Biryani Started

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Most important thing Mr.Aasife remembers about his childhood is the biryani, how he felt when he ate it . From early childhood, he spent months learning the craft , Mr. Aasife on the other hand spent most of his time with his mentor chef learning the art of making biryani. He spent 4 months just washing the rice and meat before he was allowed to cook. He had a unique gift of fine tuning biryani, if he tastes any biryani, he can find out what mistake you made while cooking, this made him to perfect his biryani as much as possible

What Changed it All

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The craft he learnt was not put to much use earlier because his mother wanted him to succeed in studies, so they found a job agent who will take him to Muscat for a job. He took all the money he had to give the agent in Mumbai, where he stayed for a few days after which he realized he was cheated and their is no job offer. He had to work in the streets of Mumbai to make enough money to come back home to Chennai, he says he made just enough for the ticket and an additional 5 rs, which he had to hold on for the entire journey, When he reached home, he was tired and weak from having nothing to eat, he remembers that was the day that gave him clarity. He decided not to work for anyone but to become his own boss, thus started his first entrepreneurship venture.

With 4000 rs from his mother, he bough a mobile stall and started selling biryani in T.Nagar (Considered The heart of Chennai) in 1999. Business was quick to grow, which attracted some goons who made him vacate the place because they wanted to sell biryani at the same place. One thing they didn’t understand was its not just the place that sells biryani, aasife had the best quality product which you just can’t beat.


How did Aasife Grow

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After the incident in T.Nagar, Mr.Aasife moved to Butt road, Chennai where word of mouth spread and he was selling more than 10 times what he was selling in T.Nagar. He opened a small shop which can house 10 people at a time, they as Mr.Aasife calls are “fans” of the biryani, Business spiked and he took a loan of 1 crore from a bank to build his dream project in Alandur Chennai.

In the End

The taste won and the business succeeded and grew quickly with over 10 branches in Chennai and few outside Chennai. Aasife biryani is a brand where you are sure to get the best tasting biryani with best ingredients, Try it and share your comments.

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