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Indians say: Can I get a Xerox copy of this document, what it actually means: Can I get a photocopy of this document, Xerox was a company which first introduced the photocopiers to the general market in India, so we associate photocopying with xerox


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Indians say: Can I borrow your rubber

what it actually means: Can I borrow your eraser, rubber is just the material used in making an eraser. The word rubber has different meanings in different countries, for example in USA, Condoms are generally referred to as rubbers.


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Indians say: Just for timepass

What it actually means: Timepass means spending time doing unproductive work not spending time for entertainment


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Indians say: My exam has been preponed or my ticket has be preponed

What it actually means: My exam has been scheduled to an earlier date, prepone is not a word in the English vocabulary, we use it as pre is opposite to post.


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Indians say: She is a homely girl

What it actually means: A girl who is tidy and good at cooking, keeping house etc. Since it used to be women were expected to be good homemakers in the past during marriage, the term homely was thrown around, which might offend if used today.


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Indians say: I was outstation last week.

What it actually means: I was out of town last week.

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